Terms and conditions:-

  • Estimates drawn up are valid for 30 days from date displayed
  • KK Design is happy to supply only if this is an option you would prefer, but is unable to provide the making up service if fabric is purchased elsewhere
  • If you wish to confirm your estimate, please print off, sign and return a copy of the estimate. This avoids any confusion with regards to expectations and confirms you are in agreement with its content.
  • A deposit is required prior to the commencement of your project and this is made up o of the purchase costs of fabric plus 50%% of labour costs
  • Every effort is made to ensure satisfaction of your project from initial consultation to delivery/installation of your project(whichever applies)
  • In the event of you being dissatisfied, please inform KK Design within 10 days of completion, supply or fitting, whichever is appropriate. A site visit will be recommended to establish reasons for your concerns and if responsibility lies with KK Design, then appropriate steps will be made to rectify where possible